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About GeoFS

GeoFS was created in 2010 when it use to run on Google Earth via the plugin implementation. Today, GeoFS uses an open source platform called CesiumJS ( to render the global landscape you can fly in.

Playable for free, on any system that can run a modern web browser (yes it runs on Chromebooks!) and with simplified controls makes GeoFS the most accessible flight simulator around. This is why it is being used in education and training as an affordable and easily deployed solution. While simple, GeoFS's flight model is complete enough to deliver a realistic flight simulation experience. More than just a game, GeoFS is a real flight simulator.

From the Piper Cub to the Airbus A380, the range of available aircraft should satisfy every aviation enthusiast.
Community members also actively contribute to GeoFS by building new aircraft or developing plugins to enhance the existing features.

Flight simulation is a never ending subject and GeoFS keeps improving continuously to provide you with an ejoyable flying experience.

Have a nice flight!