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GeoFS PRO runs a private and dedicated instance of GeoFS for the web in order to provide a secure, fast and reliable environment for flying schools and instructors to remotely teach flight basics.

  • dns Dedicated GeoFS PRO Server The latest stable release running separately from the public application.
  • network_check Fast Multiplayer Server Increased response time and low latency for better formation flying and control sharing experience.
  • groups Private Multiplayer All pilots from the same entity can see each other in flight, chat and register on the navigation map.
  • supervisor_account Control Sharing Fly the same plane remotely and swap controls between instructor and student.
  • shield Safety and Privacy No ads, no recorded private data, no user generated content.
  • admin_panel_settings Administration panel Managed list of students/instructor accounts and credential.
For businesses exclusively
  • diamond On demand customization Theming, logo, custom livery, special aircraft type, etc.
  • branding_watermark Embedable Include GeoFS in your own website.
  • support Extended support Personalised technical support
  • All licenses run with HD images
  • GeoFS for Schools: 20€ per year per student
  • GeoFS for Businesses starts from 60€ per year per user

For more information, to get a quotation or to activate a school license,
please send an email to

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