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Henry Mann, FUSE Program Director - Northwestern University - FUSE deployed a GeoFS based challenge to many secondary schools across the US. "I have found that the best applications to use with students are those that don't have any barriers to getting started, are fun and engaging, and function well even on low powered devices. I was thrilled to discover GeoFS and to learn that it checked all of these boxes (and more)! With nothing more than a link, any student could access GeoFS from their Chromebooks and dive right in. If you're looking for an engaging, easy to use, and realistic flight sim that will allow your students to explore the globe and the world of aviation, look no further than GeoFS." - An online flying school that delivers VFR radiotelephony courses backed with GeoFS group flying sessions. "We set up a mission to help pilots overcome the nerves in aviation radiotelephony to become professional and organized communicators in the air. Geo-FS is the perfect tool for this! No installation, easy set-up, a great variety of aircraft and simple-enough controls to fly the training missions. Our students fly in a very realistic, simulated VFR environment, yet can easily control the aircraft. They communicate with us, instructors – being ATC, teachers and mentors – over a voice chat software. We follow them on the ATC screen of Geo-FS, which offers all the information an instructor (and ATC) needs for this purpose. Geo-FS is also a great way to see the world, fly anywhere you want and practice flying and VFR navigation virtually."

HL ModTech - A teacher and Youtuber who made his students discover aviation with GeoFS. "GeoFS has been a fantastic addition to my flight and space curriculum. Students are able to experience controlling an aircraft using their chromebook and a web browser!"

Josh Underwood - Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (2011 PAEMST) and the 2015 Kentucky High School Teacher of the Year "I just want to say "Thank you!" for all of your help this year as I've used GEO-FS with my students. They all have school sponsored chromebooks with varying qualities of internet at their homes but they were still able to gain valuable experiences and knowledge in aviation through doing by using your simulator. While the experience with the simulator has been great, the best part was being able to have swift communication with you whenever questions arose. Thanks so much!"

Albert Johnston - Retired Airline Pilot - Former USAF Instructor Pilot GeoFS provides the aviation enthusiast with a free online flight simulator with a wealth of features to explore. The simulator can be customized in large variety of ways, so that the user can start with basic features and gradually enable more advanced features. The user can choose from dozens of aircraft with a wide range of performance and characteristics, from a hot air balloon to the SR-71A Blackbird.

Each aircraft requires the user to become acquainted with its quirks in order to fly it smoothly without crashing. Starting with a slower more basic aircraft to become familiar with the dynamics of flight and then progressing to increasingly more complex/faster aircraft will minimize crashes. Try to concentrate on smooth use of the controls to prevent jerky flight maneuvers, especially when making landings. Bouncing on landing after a smooth approach can be minimized by using a slower approach speed - most approaches are flown much too fast. Reducing control sensitivity can also help to prevent overcontrol in pitch and roll.

The use of the autopilot and the nav functions can allow the user to graduate to airliners that can be operated on simulated airline routes. Reverse thrust on landing is available on jet and turboprop that are so equipped. Advanced military aircraft can test the users' skills in acrobatics, supersonic and high-altitude flight.

GeoFS can be used with a basic computer using a mouse or keyboard commands. Using a joystick for aircraft control instead will provide a much more satisfying flight experience. Joystick buttons can be customized for various controls and functions. Using a more capable computer will allow the user to improve the graphics experience dramatically. Plan to purchase the HD Subscription (about $12 per year) for a photo realistic ground display of the world instead to the standard basic display.

This is a very sophisticated online flight simulator that is available to almost any aviation enthusiast with internet access. It is easy to become engrossed in GeoFS and spend hours at a time exploring new aircraft, skills and destinations.